Add a sixth sense
when lending

All-in-one lending platform. Capture, score, underwrite and sell loans for consumers or working capital.
Paperless loans

Online ID verification, digital document upload and automatic disbursements for your clients.

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Smart scoring

Score your clients automatically, underwrite loans much faster and assemble credit committees online.

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Sales expansion

Widen your customer base. Track & measure conversion to improve your digital marketing ROI.

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Integration & connection

Link your banking core, credit decision engine and other systems to the platform. Use multiple sources of information.

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A crack-free
innovation experience

Deployment in 3 months


Time, resources & energy


100% customizable

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Potenciando la experiencia de compra en el Retail con soluciones de préstamos digitales

El sector del retail ha adoptado un enfoque omnicanal, priorizando la experiencia del consumidor mediante la integración de canales digitales y físicos. Específicamente, las tiendas físicas han presenciado un resurgimiento significativo después de la pandemia,…

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¿Tarjeta de crédito o “Buy Now Pay Later | BNPL”?

Las compras financiadas en cuotas no son una novedad en América Latina como sí lo están siendo en los países desarrollados mediante la adopción del método de pago “BNPL / Buy Now Pay Later” |…

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